Chris Heivly

Entrepreneur in the residence of Techstars

Sphere of responsibility:             

The entrepreneur (co-founder of MapQuest) and an early investor with experience in the company from $ 0 to $ 25 million. Interest in start-ups, venture companies and venture capital organizations within and around software technologies.                                                         

He is a blogger -, Contributor Writer for and a speaker on start-ups, corporate innovation and the development of the business community, and author of Build The Fort on how to start something (start-up).

Professional activity:     

1999 — 2009

He held various managerial positions in companies of different levels

since 2009

Involved in venture partnership Atrium Capital and lost projects Launch Box Digital, Big Top, StartUp Factory

since 2016

He has been honorary professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania

since 2017

Entrepreneur in the residence of Techstars (Entrepreneur in Residence)