Andreas Gialurakis

"Businesssweden" Trade Commissioner for CIS

Sphere of responsibility

A representative of the Swedish business in the CIS and Eastern Europe. The main activities: entrepreneurship, banking, business promotion, IT technologies and start-ups.

Professional activity:

2002 - 2007:

Security Attaché of the Swedish Armed Forces in Sarajevo

2004 - 2009: 

The founder of CR Development, the company creating a simulative reality

2009 – 2011:

A teacher at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

2011 — 2014:

Financial controller of SEB Russia

2014 – present:

Trade representative of  “Business Sweden” in CIS countries

* For reference

Business Sweden is the Board of Trade and Investment of Sweden, established by the Government and the Association of Swedish Industrial Enterprises. This board is the operator of the Mining for Generations program, which is a platform for innovative interaction between mining companies and high-technology companies and research institutions in Sweden.