Randip Sudan

World Bank Manager on ICT sector

Sphere of responsibility:

He and his team support developing countries with policies and programs related to broadband infrastructure, mobile networks, digital services and the development of the ICT             industry.

Prior to joining in the World Bank, he worked in India as a member of the Indian Administrative Service - IAS. He was a key member of the management team that helped the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, make significant progress in e-government and become an important international direction for IT services.

Professional activity:

in 1983 – 2007 

Member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

in 20072012

The World Bank's Senior ICT Policy Specialist

in 2012 – 2014

World Bank ICT Manager

in 2014 – 2016

The head of the ICT sector of the World Bank

since 2016 – present

Advisor on Digital Strategy and Government Analysts of the World Bank